Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Valentines Truism

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am going to share with you a little bit about this special day through my thoughts and also on how it was originally intended for the pleasure of the male as per the findings through folklore and historical facts. Here is a bit about what history has depicted as to how Valentine's Day began.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

What type of partner are you?

Relationships are made up of two people. Two people with very unique characteristics and different minds. Whether these qualities are genetically inherited or through learned behavior, matters not, as they are the characteristics that make us who we are right now.
Today we have many same sex relationships so I am not going to even speak of any gender specifics within these thoughts.
Giving that, a relationship consists of two minds, which in most cases have to work fairly hard at being compatible and finding some sort of happiness balance...the type of partner you are is vital to the success of your relationship.

There are so many different types of partners...which one are you?

Saturday, May 10, 2014



Mom's are caring
Mom's are direction
Mom's are our mentors
Mom's laugh because they love
Mom's know without being told
Mom's hear without even listening
Mom's cry in the quiet of their hearts
Mom's sigh without loosing their smile
Mom's do not always say, but they certainly always see
Mom's very being is the opening to our doorway to life
Mom's feel us even when we do not feel ourselves
Mom's even at their worse are still our mom's
Mom's are the true meaning of unconditional
Mom's are angels without wings
Mom's are why Dad's exist
Mom's are daughters too
Mom's are always there
 Mom's just are

~Mom's die and for this reason....
 we, the children should never take our Mom's for granted...not even one time~

~This is my collection of thoughts.. ..please feel free to add a few of your own to this list~

~HAPPY MOTHERS DAY .....to all of you beautiful Mom's~




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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


One of the most beautiful qualities of a true relationship between couples is...
 to understand and to be understood.

To be understood is by far one of the most important links responsible for joining two hearts and two minds together.
This link can only be reached through a mutual connection, one that is completely separate from the normal everyday passing-bye type of connection.
People connect all of the time, however it is when that connection cannot be broken or distracted that it becomes meaningful and almost impossible to resist. At that point, it begins the emotional oneness that gives birth to the feelings of wanting even longing for another. This type of connection between two people has been known to be life changing in so many respects. 
It is not uncommon to hear of or even know of two people that have left past lives because of the innate drive that connecting with another person can cause. It can even be described as relentless in its ability to control ones mind in order to complete that connection. 
To be understood and to understand another is what love stories are made of. No matter what challenges a couple may endure throughout their day, in the end it is all about understanding each other.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

~Couples & their differences~

We are all individuals and even the worlds happiest couples, do not share the same character. They simply share an amazing awareness and understanding of each others differences. 
In choosing this way of thinking, they do not allow their differences to become, for lack of a better term, ' a ping-pong ball'  between them. 
As a couple, they can accept that they are individuals and that their differences are part and parcel of that fact.
Accepting each others differences does not mean that you will bow down to each others way of thinking, just that you respect your own differences and in-turn your partners as well.
Just because one does not agree with another, does not make either one right or wrong. It just means that they each have their own way of thinking and interpreting things.
In accepting your partner for who he/she is, will allow you to accept and understand each other as individuals. 

A successful relationship is not when the ‘perfect couple’ come together. 
It is however, when an imperfect couple learns to accept and enjoy their differences.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

I didn't change... you just never knew me~


The Meet...
The Attraction...
The Infatuation...
The Lust...
The Courtship...
The Relationship begins...
He seems perfect...
She seems perfect...
Partners both begin with clean slates.

I have written, several times about finding that someone who is perfect for you throughout my past articles,  because it is one of the most important realizations to have when choosing a partner.
It is no secret in that,  when one meets someone new and exciting, one tends to see through blinders. Those blinders are what will undoubtedly blur ones vision, which in turn will totally confuse ones judgement as to who that person really is. This also being interpreted as, 'We only see, what or whom , we want to see, or what I deem as,  'the stage of masks'.
Fact, you want to be on your best behavior in the beginning of any new relationship and yes, the new feeling of attraction is so perfect that you do not want to chance loosing it by being your, 'real selves'. Your subconscious tends to play hide and seek with what you choose to accept in this new person.
At this point, it is vital to realize whether he or she is perfect for you because you want to see them that way or because they are actually perfect for you.
'Patience is a virtue' a proverbial phrase that speaks volumes in just 4 words. These words are the pillars in which the foundation of your new relationship should be built on.
By taking your time in getting to know this new person you have allowed into your life, and by allowing the relationship to evolve and grow naturally, you will not find yourself trapped in the stages of, "I didn't change, you just never knew me".
I have yet to read anywhere that there is any time constraint on committing to a new relationship... by knowing thyself, then and only then will you truly be able understand the importance of knowing that new person in your life.

 ~ Time is not of the essence when getting to know that new someone, patience is~


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Being single in a relationship~


In a relationship one of the first mistakes people make, is in depending on the other to an unrealistic extreme. People repeatedly wonder where they went wrong once they realize, that they fear the loss of their partner only because of the fear of being alone, and/or when they lost their ability to be independent of another. Unless you were born a twin, or were forced to be very dependent on someone throughout your life, being alone is one of the most natural ways of being. A relationship should not be about surviving on your partners air that they breathe. It should however be about allowing that person to breathe along with you in your space, vice-verse.
We can be single in a relationship, single in the sense of continuing to be you. I am not talking about being selfish when I speak of being single, I am talking about being your own person first.  Being single in a relationship, is also the sense of knowing full well that even if there are days, months, even a lifetime that you will not be able to spend with that certain someone, that you will survive and be happy within yourself. This is not to say that, people do not miss a partner that they have lost, or the happiness that they have shared. Being single in a relationship means being dependent on you because at the end of the day... it is only you in reality.
People tend to depend on their partners to make them happy, and/or to make their day a good day. This is another mistake made over and over again in relationships. It is utterly impossible for one person to make another happy unless that person wants to be happy first. A single minded person chooses to be happy before they expect another to make them happy. A single minded person can sleep in a separate bedroom and not feel in any way, that it will  make or break their relationship. When we are new to a relationship, we genuinely loose ourselves in our partners. This is a time when we must be very aware of how easily we can loose our independence. Our independence gives us a certain strength which is vital to our ability to continue to grow in a healthy and balanced direction, which in turn creates a healthy and happy partner. I have met many people that seem to think they need to constantly be around others, which for many of those, that same need has played havoc on their relationships. In not realizing that it is because they do not think independently or choose to not think independently, they have allowed that fear of being alone to control them. Our thoughts do very much control our destiny.

 A relationship can only be successful when the partners involved are there out of true commitment and choice and not out of a dependency on the other.